Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yay Autumn!

This is by far my favorite time of year.  At least it is back home.  It is still in the 90's in OK.  :( 
Not only am I excited that it is Autumn, I am excited because this is my busy time. 
I haven't gotten a whole lot written up in the last week because I have been working on orders.  I think my best seller right now is a Mummy Hat.  I was lucky enough to get in as a tester for the pattern! 
Swirls and Sprinkles: Crochet Spooky Halloween Mummy Hat
Mummy Hat.  Pattern by: Mamachee
Finished hat made by me is available on Etsy!
Isn't that hat great?!  I wish I had thought up the pattern.  Mamachee has some great patterns.  I have a number of them and plan on getting more.  :)

I am trying to work on some Christmas patterns.  I have some ideas written out and can't wait to work them up! 
I hope you are all enjoying much cooler temps that I have been having. 
If there is something that you are hoping to see a pattern for, let me know!  I am always looking to add to my library!