Thursday, October 4, 2012

Crochet Shelly Bag

This pattern had been sitting in my pattern tab.  I didn't realized I missed moving a pattern over to the main page!
This bag is AMAZING!  It is simple to make and good for anything!  This would make a great market bag, though if you use it as a market bag, you may want to use cotton yarn.  I use mine to tote coloring books, crayons, books, and what ever else my daughter wants to bring to my son's soccer games.  It also makes a great WIP on the go bag.
As always, if you have any questions or need help with anything in the pattern, just leave a comment.  I try to check in at least once a day.

                   Crochet Shelly Bag

Swirls and Sprinkles easy free crochet bag patternSwirls and Sprinkles easy free crochet bag pattern

You may not change or sell my patterns in part or in whole.  You may sell your finished product, but I ask that you give credit for the pattern by linking back to me.

What you will need.
Worsted yarn.  I used red heart for this bag.
J hook
Button (optional)
Yarn needle

Sc - single crochet
Dc - double crochet
St - stitch
Sl st - slip stitch
deep sc - deep single crochet
Ch - chain

Special stitch.
Deep single crochet (deep sc):  Work a deep sc just like a normal sc except you will insert your hook one row


ch 70.  Being careful not to twist the chain, join to first ch.

Round 1: sc in each ch around.

Round 2: ch 2 (does not count as stitch), Dc in same st.  Dc in each st around.  Join with top of first dc.

Round 3: ch 3 (counts as first dc) 2 dc in same st.  (first shell)  *skip 2 dc and shell in third dc.*
repeat ** around.  join in top of ch 3.

Rounds 4-9: Sl st in next 2 dc and into first space between shells.  Ch 3 and 2 dc in first space, shell between
each shell around.
Fasten off first color and join second color into the top of the last double crochet made.

Round 10: ch 3, dc in each dc around.

Round 11: repeat round 3

Round 12-17: repeat rounds 4-9
Fasten off second color and join first color into the top of the last double crochet made.

Round 18: repeat round 10

Round 19: repeat round 3

Round 20-25: Repeat rounds 4-9

Round 26: ch 1, sc in each st around.  Join with first sc.

Round 27: ch1, sc in each st around.  Join with first sc.
do not fasten off

Row 1: Ch 1, sc in same st.  sc in next 7 st.  (8 sc)
Row 2: ch 1, deep sc in each st across.  (8 dsc)
Reapeat rows 1 and 2 until strap is desired length.
Attach strap to opposite side of bag.
Fasten off

Turn back inside out.  Join first color to the bottom corner of the bag.  Sl st in each st across.
Fasten off and weave in all ends.


Attach button to the center front of your bag.
On opposite side of bag: Attach first color to center of the bag.  Chain enough chains to fasten around
the button.  Sl st into same space you attached yarn.
Fasten off and weave in ends.


  1. So cute!! Love it lady! I need to learn how to crochet :) xx Marisa

  2. Thanks so much! This is my favorite bag. :)

  3. Thank you for the cute pattern! I am just wondering what the finished size is. Thank you!

  4. OH! Thank you for the pattern :)

  5. Love it! I was wondering the finished size too! :)