Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Our cable, internet, and phone have been out since about 6pm.  It was  WONDERFUL evening with the hubs and kids.  There was very little fighting, we played games, and I was able to get two small pieces made.
After everyone went to bed, I remembered that we still have some time left on our mobile web thingy.  We always buy a little time when we are on vacation, but we never end up using it all, and some of the minutes get wasted.  I am glad that I remembered about it because I was able to save a few extra patterns to my computer, to keep myself busy tonight.
I have my hooks, yarn, patterns and the movie Elf (one of my favorite movies ever!) to keep me company. 
So, this post will just be our little secret!  No need to tell the hubs that I got my interwebz fix after he went to bed.  ;)

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