Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Swirls and Sprinkles: Crochet ruffle scarf.
It has taken an hour. Wonder if i have figured this out yet. I hope a picture shows up. If not I quit! Lol

Hip, hip, hurray!  It took me an hour to figure out how to get pictures to post using my dinosaur phone.  I finally did it, though.  I wish my phone took better pictures.  This is the black, white, and grey ruffle scarf that I am working on.  I am almost half way done.  This one is going to take two balls of yarn.  This is the second brand I have tried, and it is shorter than the first.  That's alright, though.  This brand has some sparkle on the ends and I think it gives the scarf a nice touch. 
To anyone who gets notifications of blog posts.  I apologize for multiple post in a short period of time.  I was trying to figure all this mobile stuff out and had a few duds post.  :)


  1. Love your scarf! I'm on my third one (all for Xmas pressies) aren't they wonderful to knit? They knit up so quickly, which is what I love as I don't have much patience!!

  2. They are wonderful. The one that I am working on is a Christmas present, too! I crochet mine, though. I tried to learn knitting first and it wasn't too kind to me. I think crochet and I were made for each other. :)